Executive Director, Code for Science & Society

Experience & Education

Before joining CS&S, I ran open source software and open research project management workshops around the world, explored decentralized approaches to data preservation, and advocated for open access to research as a 2016-2017 Mozilla Fellow for Science. Before Mozilla, I was a bench researcher in cell biology and neuroscience for nine years, completing a PhD in Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University in 2016. During my PhD training, I received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and developed a quantitative imaging approach to explore the role of pseudophosphatases in a subtype of Charcot Marie Tooth peripheral neuropathy. Throughout my research career, I found myself increasingly interested in how the influence of funders, publishers, and other forces impact how research is conducted and communicated. This interest spurred engagement with the global OpenCon and Mozilla Science communities helped me to build advocacy and community engagement skills. On my campus, I also led student advocacy efforts, including the passage of OHSU's PhD student parental leave policy and developed programs to grow the local open research community, including Open Insight PDX, BioData Club, and Science Hack Day PDX.


Speaking, workshops, and other events are kept reasonably up to date as part of an overly comprehensive résumé here. It's been a little quiet since the 2020, but I'm ok with that.


You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, and of course LinkedIn. Responsiveness on these platforms is not guaranteed.